I'm seeing a message that your website isn't secure.

If you're trying to access the InterCity website and seeing a message that your 'connection is not private' or that our security certificate is out of date, here's what to do.

First of all, you can be confident that InterCity's security certificate is always up to date with the latest security technology. 

All pages on our website are secure. You can see the address of our website in your browser starts with 'https' - the 's' stands for secure and means that all information being sent back and forth between our website and your device is encrypted.

When you connect to our website, your browser will ask it for a copy of our security certificate. If your browser trusts the certificate, it will tell your web server to go ahead. 

If your browser is out of date, it won't be compatible with the latest and most secure encryption standards. When it tries to get the certificate it will fail and you'll see an error message. 

Updating your browser (especially if it is a version from 2013 or earlier) should fix this issue. 

If you're still having trouble accessing our website after updating your browser you can email info@intercity.co.nz and we'll be happy to help you out.


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