How can I find out about rest stops during my trip?

You can see details of where and when your bus will make stops on our timetables page.

Select the stop you're leaving from and the service you're travelling on to see a full timetable. You will see the time the bus is scheduled to arrive and depart next to each stop. 

  • A star icon next to the stop means the bus will only stop at this location if a passenger has pre-booked to get on or off there.
  • The knife and fork icon shows that this is a refreshment stop, giving you time to stretch your legs, use toilet and washroom facilities and buy food.
  • The timetable will also show details of transfers to other services available at certain stops. 

You can also see this information during the booking process - click on the 'service info' icon next to each search result and then the blue timetable icon.

During your journey your driver will let you know when a refreshment stop, meal break or restroom break is coming up and what time you need to be back on the bus. 

Please note timetable information shown on the site is correct as of the current day and is subject to change. Some services and stops are seasonal and may vary from what is shown.

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