Why can't I book a particular route on my FlexiPass?

Your FlexiPass is valid for travel on InterCity(IC), InterCity Link (IL) and Newmans (NM) bus services, GreatSights New Zealand (GS) coach services and selected Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands (GB) and awesomeNZ (AW) services.

Third party operators are not included but can be booked separately. 

As shown on the FlexiPass network map, the route between Wanaka and Tarras is run by a third party operator so if you are booking travel between Wanaka and Mount Cook, Wanaka and Tekapo or Wanaka and Christchurch this will not be included in your pass.

Please note services between some stops on the Coromandel peninsula can only be booked in one direction (shown by the arrows on the network map).

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