Do you have overnight buses?

We operate overnight buses from Auckland to Wellington and Wellington to Auckland.

Overnight services 6503 and 6504 are InterCity GOLD buses with a limited number of our premium GOLD seats on board, as well as standard seats. GOLD seats have comfortable reclining chairs, footrests, extra legroom and USB charge points.

Overnight services 6513 and 6514 are InterCity SLEEPER buses with lie-flat bunk beds on board, as well as standard seats.

Top bunks are single hammock-style beds, with two bunks side by side underneath, divided by a privacy screen. Each SLEEPER bunk comes with a small lightweight pillow and has a three-pin power point and a USB power point. We’ll also include a bottle of water and some cookies in case you need a midnight snack!

All our overnight buses are equipped with free wifi for all passengers.

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